Jams & Jellies

At Pitchfork Preserves we capture fruit at the peak of its season.
Our Jams and Jellies are made during these periods.
We strive to bring out the best of the fruits flavor, using less sugar and more fruit.
Our jams and jellies are sure to leave your mouth watering and wanting more.


Our pickles are really “like Grandma used to make”.
Most of our pickle recipes are family secrets from our Grandmother June.
Cucumbers, carrots, beets, peppers, fiddleheads, eggs, and tomatoes, we are sure to have a pickle you will love.
Pitchfork Preserves pickles are really something special, everyone should eat more pickles.

Other Provisions

In addition to our jams, jellies, and premium pickles, we also offer other fine products;
tomato ketchup, Vermont cranberry ketchup,  a variety of relish and pickled produce such a spicy carrots.
Condiments prove to be a top seller.


At Oak Summit Farm, the home of Pitchfork Preserves, we also have quite the flower patches.
We will be bringing you these lovely flowers from Lily Hill Blooms in the spring and summer.
Sure to brighten your days and bring an instant smile to anyone’s face.


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