Our Roots

In past years canning was a way of life.
We watched our Grandmother make preserves that left a lasting impression.
Melissa, the creator of Pitchfork Preserves, has been working in the gourmet food industry for the past decade.
With her family’s help she decided to put her knowledge, skills, and good taste to work;
Making premium preserves with the best ingredients available.
Having grown up on a vegetable farm, Melissa and her brothers, Lucas and Dylan,
learned  the benefits of quality food and flavors. Their parents began raising vegetables in the early 80′s.
At the family farm in Verbank, New York, the children were raised  with values emphasizing the necessity of true quality.
Having achieved backgrounds in canning, gardening, gourmet food, live stock, and, above all, hard work —
They are doing their best to preserve a high quality way of life. Start today by tasting the difference between mass produced,
and Small batch premium flavor. Add some real flavor to your life, enjoy Pitchfork Preserves.