What makes Pitchfork Preserves different?

Canning has been a long family tradition. We maximize and use only the best local fruits and vegetables, whenever possible. We create our preserves with our family recipes utilizing traditional canning methods. We also use this knowledge base, to create new flavors and are constantly experimenting. Our farm is our creation, from the Pitchfork Preserves image, to the delicious contents of each jar. We are always using our creative incites to achieve and create the best possible products.
How do you make your preserves?
Our preserves are made entirely by hand. We take the time to make sure we offer the best flavor possible. We make all of our preserves in small batches, growing as much of the produce as we can. All of our preserves are processed in a water bath, the traditional way. This keeps each jar fresh, and well preserved for your satisfaction.
How do I purchase your products?
The best way to purchase our preserves is through Vermont Farmers markets. You can come visit us at The Dorset Farmers Market www.dorsetfarmersmarket.com on Sundays from 10-2.
What Farmers provide you with your all natural Produce?
At Oak Summit Farm, the home of Pitchfork Preserves we grow as much produce as we have time to tend to. Using local produce is a very high priority to us, as it helps sustain our local economy, and supports our neighbors. We deal with farmers in our area directly and seek out the best produce available.
How much sugar do you use?
Our jams and jellies have much less sugar, and much more fruit than your average preserves, and the difference is obvious. Our goal is to use sugar as a perfect flavor balance, to enhance the natural deliciousness of the fruit’s flavor. Your taste buds will thank you.
How do I store my jars once opened?
Sugar and vinegar are wonderful natural preservatives, and will keep your preserves fresh. Store your opened jars in the refrigerator. Sealed jars should be kept in a cool dark place, like your kitchen pantry.
How do I open my jar?
Water bathed preserves can sometimes be tricky to open. We recommend running the lid under hot water. Tapping the edges of the lid can be helpful as well. We suggest going to your local kitchen store and getting a jar opener like the ones in this photo. These are simple to use and will be a useful kitchen tool for years to come. We always have a jar opener at the Farmers Market, we can open your jar there as well.
Why do you run out of certain preserves sometimes?
The fruits and vegetables used in our products are harvested and processed at the peak of their seasons, to maximize flavor and freshness. This strongly depends on the season’s bounty, the weather, and the labor it takes to make our high quality preserves. We always do our best to fill our customer’s needs.
What should I do with my empty glass jars?
Glass is a wonderful thing and makes an ideal container. We love seeing our jars go out to you, but we welcome them home as well, where they are reused and re-purposed as much as possible. Other ways you can use your jars at home; food storage, salads to go, yogurt and granola to go, spice storage, drinking glasses, keeping tacks/nails and other household items. Be resourceful, and help us reduce potential waste.