Strawberry Jam

At Pitchfork Preserves Jam season makes our hearts flutter a bit, at this point most of our jams are all sold from last years fruit harvest. Getting to reunite with our “old friend” Strawberry Jam is a delightful experience and has us welcoming the summer fruit season with glee. We are sure to use the highest quality seasonal fruit in our marvelously fresh jams. Hand picking the majority of the fruit ourselves is a huge priority, ensuring our customers get a premium jam that has you going back for more of that Vermont summer sun ripened flavor. Strawberry Jam is admired by many, it’s beautiful red color and marvelous summer flavor is hard to beat. Our Strawberry Jam is packed filled with summer fresh flavor of sweet strawberries picked fresh off the plant. We are sure to compliment the main ingredient of our jam, the strawberries, using less sugar than your average jam.  Pitchfork Preserves Strawberry Jam has a taste that makes you want to go back for more quality Pitchfork Preserves flavor.