Wild Pickled Ramps

Wild Ramps, also known as wild leeks, are a true delicacy. Ramps are native to the Eastern North American Mountains and thrive in Vermonts prestine Green Mountians. They can be found growing in patches of moist, rich, deciduous forest floors. Ramps first appear in early spring shooting up smooth broad leaves that disappear by late spring. The bulbs have a sweet spring onion flavor and have a similar aroma to garlic. Ramps take a very long time to grow and also need respect when harvesting.When harvesting a portion of a plot, no more than 15% of the ramps should be removed. At Pitchfork Preserves we always respect Vermont’s native flora.

Our Wild Pickled Ramps are pickled in a white wine vinegar brine with the perfect blend of herbs and spices. Savor this springs flavor with a jar of our premium Wild Pickled Ramps. They are a true Vermont delicacy and have an amazing flavor.



 Cleaned ramps or leeks