Pickled Fiddleheads

Spring is one of our favorite seasons. Foraging in Vermont’s woodlands, while the wild spring flowers are in bloom, is majestic and leaves you feeling invigorated. Searching for the little green curls of fresh fiddleheads that just emerged from the forest floor, is a spectacular sight and only happens once a year. The season for foraging fiddleheads is quite short, so we try to make the most of these tasty green furled fronds and pickle them. Pitchfork Preserves always respects the native plants we harvest. Maintaining sustainable harvesting methods is very important to us, being sure never endanger the plant, and never over harvesting Vermont’s native flora.

Fiddleheads bare a flavor unique to themselves, they are usually compared favorably to asparagus. We pickle our fiddleheads in a lemon brine with freshly ground ginger, lace each jar with wild ramps, and then add the perfect blend of vinegar and spices.This allows you to savor the flavor of spring, every time you open a jar of Pitchfork Preserves Lemon Ginger fiddleheads.