Maple Jelly

The process of making maple syrup is an age-old tradition of the North American Indians, who used it both as a food and as a medicine. Maple syrup is made from sap collected from maple trees in late winer/early spring. First you tap the maple trees and collect the sap that flows into buckets.The sap is clear and low in sugar content. It is then boiled to evaporate the water, leaving an amber liquid with an earthy sweet taste, pure Vermont maple syrup. Our good neighbor Roy Greene provided us with his tasty syrup to make our Maple Jelly. We even tapped many of the maple trees on our land. Pitchfork Preserves maple jelly is the perfect consistency and flavor. Spreading it on your favorite toast, waffle, bagel, cornbread, muffin, or using it as a glaze on pork suit this gourmet jelly well. Our maple jelly contains nothing but the best and no added sugar, just pure Vermont syrup.